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December 2018

A Rundown of Fire Protection Systems


Fire protection systems are not as new as one might think, but they have come a long way since their invention in the 15th century by Leonardo da Vinci. We can give credit to Ambrose Godfrey for creating the first successful automated sprinkler system in 1723. Architect William Congreve installed the world’s first modern recognisable [...]

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November 2018

The Importance of Fire Pump Maintenance


When one thinks of building maintenance nobody ever thinks of the humble fire pump, unless of course the building is on fire. Fire Pumps and deluge systems are the most essential part of a building’s fire protect system.  They provide a high-pressure water flow that is of importance for fire suppression. One can consider it [...]

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What to do in Case of an Office Fire


Office fires, while being something that people rarely think bout, do occur; and when they do, the losses incurred to both businesses and people can be devastating. The damage from a fire can spread so fast, that even offices with deluge systems need to be aware of them. Besides the risk of damages to equipment, [...]

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October 2018

Mistakes You’re Probably Making when Operating Your Fire Pump


When it comes to just about any types of safety equipment, ensuring that you operate it safely and effectively means knowing how to use the device or appliance properly. People aren’t exactly born with this knowledge, however, which is why many of the suppliers of this equipment, offer on-site training to those who use their [...]

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