As part of our vision to offer a complete Turnkey solutions Amakosi Fire Pumps offers Circular Bolted Galvanized Water Storage Tanks as a part of our product scope.

These tanks are used as a static Water source as part of the Fire System.

Our Range of Circular tanks is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously being robust to withstand environmental challenges.

Our Circular tanks are available from a mere 4.65m to 10.08m diameters and range up to a height of 15m, thus offering a design solution for any requirement.

Our Tanks are also available in a variety of colours (enquire with our estimating department)

Our Circular Tanks come standard with a liner. For this specific application where the liner is fully enclosed within the tank structure, with no exposure to direct or indirect sunlight/ UV. The liners service life increases exponentially as the UV is the only know damaging factor & if potable water is used. Clean clear water with a neutral PH Balance will further contribute to the life expectancy of the liner.

Our liners have a 10 year no leak warranty and a 55-year life expectancy.

Our circular tanks also have the added advantage of covering a smaller surface area than their square counterparts which not only means that they are perfectly suited for sites where space is limited but in turn results in lower costs for the Tank Civils.
Amakosi Fire Pumps is also proud to advice that we are the first Supplier in South Africa to be ASIB listed for both Pumps and Tanks.

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