Diesel engines are connected to the fire pump to push water through the sprinkler system should a fire occur.

Where a single pump is required and this constitutes the primary supply, the prime mover shall be a diesel engine.

Our fire diesel engines, are of the compression ignition, mechanical and injection types, capable of being started without the use of wicks, cartridges, heater plugs or ether, at a pump room temperature of 40 celsius and accepts full load, with in 15 sec from the receipt of the signal to start.

The diesel engines are naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbo-charged and either air or water cooled. Charge air cooling will be water cooled. Our diesel engines are capable of operating continuously on full load at site elevation for the minimum period of 6 hours.

With its local fuel source, it can continue to operate even if the electrical power supply is disrupted by fire.

Our engines are sized based on duty required (water flow rate and pressure required: l.min& kpa) required at the specific site.

A safety factor is allowed as well as deration for altitude and temperature.

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