A Fire pump is a part of a Fire Sprinkler or Hydrant system. This specific pump application is powered by a Diesel Engine. The pump’s intake is usually connected to a static water source (Water Storage Tank). The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the system in order to put out a fire when needed.

The design of the Fire pump is set that when the pressure in the fire system drops below a certain pre-determined pressure the pump set will kick into action. This can occur when one or more of the fire sprinklers are exposed to heat from a possible fire, which causes the sprinkler bulb to pop, releasing water from the system.Another example is when a Fire Hydrant is accessed by the Fire department in order to extinguish a fire.

Our Pump sets are available in a wide variety able to fill full any requirement. With Flows ranging from 1200 l/m to 15000 l/m and being able to offer pressures of 1000 kPa.

We also ensure that we have spares and replacement units readily available and we offer servicing of all our units.

As per ASIB ( Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau) if a site is only equipped with one Pump set this Pump set MUST be a Diesel powered set to ensure that the system is not interrupted should the electricity cut out, or be switched off for safety reasons in the event of a Fire.

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