Our Electric Motor for Pump Sets are capable of developing a power output of at least 10% in excess of the maximum power absorbed by the pump at any flow rate up to at least a 110% of the maximum calculated flow of the pump duty point.

The motors are of the squirrel Cage rotor design.

The Motors are continuously rated in accordance with BD 5000-99, wound with class “E” insulation and will not exceed a temperature rise of 75 Celsius above a max ambient temperature of 40 Celsius.

The Motors are constructed in accordance with the metric dimensions in conformity with SANS 1804-2 and shall have 3 phase windings suitable for 50 HZ supply.

Methods used for cooling, of electric motors comply with the requirements of SANS 1804-2. The motor enclosures are totally enclosed fan cooled and have normal starting and brake down torque.

Our motors produce sufficient starting torque to exhilarate the pump up to full operating speed within 10 Seconds.

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