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Fire Diesel Engines, are of the compression ignition, mechanical and injection types, capable of being started without the use of wicks, cartridges, heater plugs or ether, at a pump room temperature of 40 Celsius and accepts full load, with in 15 sec from the receipt of the signal to start.

The Diesel Engines are naturally aspirated, supercharged or Turbo-Charged and either Air or Water cooled. Charge Air Cooling will be Water Cooled. Our Diesel Engines are capable of operating continuously on full load at site elevation for the minimum period of 6 hours.

The Diesel engines will be provided, with a Tachometer and an Hour meter which will be permanently attached to the engine or the controller panel.

Our Diesel engines are provided with an excess fuel device for the automatic cold starting of the engine. The device returns automatically to the reset position for Automatic Starting.

Our Diesel engines will be provided with a dual auxiliary starting solenoid which shall be continuously rated.

Our diesel engines will be provided with a governor to control the engine speed, within 5.0 % of its rated speed, under any condition of load up to the full load rating.

Our Diesel Engines may not have any manual devices fitted to the engines, which could prevent the engine of starting. Were any device is fitted it shall automatically return to the reset position for Automatic Starting.

In large buildings, a central fire alarm annunciator panel is located where it is accessible to fire-fighting crews. The annunciator panel will indicate the zone and approximate physical location of the source of a fire alarm in the building. The annunciator will also include lamps and audible warning devices to indicate failures of alarm circuits. In a large building such as an office tower or hotel, the fire annunciator may also be associated with a control panel for building ventilation systems, and may also include emergency communication systems for the building.

Jockey Pump Controllers. The MP15 Jockey (or make-up) Pump Controllers are in the same system as the main fire pump controller(s). Their purpose is to maintain normal water pressure and to help prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump(s).

Arrangement needed to complete weekly testing on fixed fire Pump Equipment’s pressure in the system. This arrangement consists of 1 – 7 Tier.

fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and powered by electric, diesel or steam. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake). The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes.

Fire pumps are needed when the local municipal water system cannot provide sufficient pressure to meet the hydraulic design requirements of the fire sprinkler system. This usually occurs if the building is very tall, such as in high-rise buildings, or in systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure at the fire sprinkler in order to provide a large volume of water, such as in storage warehouses. Fire pumps are also needed if fire protection water supply is provided from a ground level water storage tank.

Our Electric Motor for Pump Sets are capable of developing a power output of at least 10% in excess of the maximum power absorbed by the pump at any flow rate up to at least a 110% of the maximum calculated flow of the pump duty point.

Our motors are of the squirrel Cage rotor design.

Our Motors are continuously rated in accordance with BD 5000-99, wound with class “E” insulation and will not exceed a temperature rise of 75 Celsius above a max ambient temperature of 40 Celsius.

Our Motors are constructedin accordance with the metric dimensions in conformity with SANS 1804-2 and shall have 3 phase windings suitable for 50 HZ supply.

Methods used for cooling, of electric motors complies with the requirements of SANS 1804-2. Our motor enclosures are totally enclosed fan cooled and have normal starting and brake down talk.

Our motors produce sufficient starting talk to exhilarate the pump up to full operating speed within 10 Seconds.

Our Star/Delta Motor’s starting Talk will be sufficient to exhilarate the motor up to 75% of full load speeds, within 5 seconds.

These exhilarating times are achieved under open valve conditions agents the specified, motion and delivery pressure conditions.

The motors have the ends of each winding brought out to 6 terminals in the terminal box in accordance with SANS 1804-2 in the terminal box so that the star/Delta starting may be used if desired.

Motors of 3 kw power less shall have the ends of the 3 windings, brought out to 3 terminals.

For the Electrical operation of reduced voltage starts, timed automatic acceleration of the motor shall be provided and the period of acceleration shall not exceed 10 Seconds.

Starting resistors are so designed at to permit an 15 second starting operation, during each period of 80 Seconds, for a period of at least one hour.

Direct on-line starting is preferred, but Star/delta type Starters may be used, if the supply authority, or the user insists because of limitations to the electric power supply.

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