A Test Arrangement consists of “Tiers” for each of the pumps in the pump house, plus a backup Tier for each main pump. The example below will be for a system with a Jockey and one main Pump Set.

The First Tier will be for the Jockey pump which will start the Jockey pump if system pressure falls below 90% of the system churn pressure. The Jockey Pump will then repressures the system to 100% of required system Churn pressure.

The Second Tier will be for the Primary Pump. When the Jockey pump cannot sustain the pressure drop due to a fire or major leak, and the system churn pressure falls below 80% of required system pressure, the Primary pump will kick in to either contain the fire or re-pressurise the system.

The Third Tier otherwise known as the Backup Tier will kick in when system pressure goes 50-80kPa lower than the second Tiers’ pressure. This is used as a backup Tier if the Second Tier fails to start the main pump.

The Saunders valves are used to regulate pressure in the specific tier. The Pressure Gauge will show the simulated drop in pressure. The Pressure Switch will automatically turn on and send a signal to the relative panel to start that tiers pump.

Our Test Arrangements are assembled out of copper and pressure tested to 1600Kpa.

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