When one thinks of building maintenance nobody ever thinks of the humble fire pump, unless of course the building is on fire.

Fire Pumps and deluge systems are the most essential part of a building’s fire protect system.  They provide a high-pressure water flow that is of importance for fire suppression.

One can consider it as the heart of the fire protection system. It reinforces the public water supply when the public water main is unable to provide the required pressure in order to supply an automated sprinkler system.

A fire pump that comes with a self-contained water supply can be utilised in a case where no public water supply is readily available or to supplement said public water supply.

Inspection is Key

Many business and building owners tend to neglect the inspection and maintenance of fire pumps, and could prove to have not only financial but also fatal consequences, should a fire break-out. It is advisable that building and business owners ensure that all equipment is carefully inspected and maintained on a regular basis, including the upkeep of all fire pumps.

Maintenance Guide

It is imperative that a fire pump does not fail; this is due to the fact that should the water demand exceed the capability of a public supply, or no public water is available during an emergency situation, the fire pump will need to start promptly.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the fire pump is maintained regularly. In a country as dry and hot as our own, where water isn’t always in steady supply, fire pumps in South Africa need constant care; therefore, it is important that a programme for regular maintenance, inspection and testing is established.

Each business should have a specific tailor-made maintenance schedule that caters to their needs; here are some basic guidelines:

  • Electric fire pumps should be run for a minimum of 10 minutes once a month. This kind of test is often referred to as a start test, this due to the fact that the fire pump is started to help increase reliability.
  • Once a year, all fire pump needs to be subjected to an annual performance test which is to be conducted by a qualified professional.

Service Professionals

Servicing and inspecting your fire pump should be on top of your maintenance list. For excellent service professional contact Amakosi Fire Pumps and protect your staff and assets.