Did you know as the responsible person You can be held liable in the event of a fire?

Weekly testing of fire pump set is a legal insurance requirement

A company may put many policies and risk procedures in the event of a fire, but what if the equipment fails due to lack of knowledge? Policies and risk procedures mean nothing if the responsible person does not know how to implement them.

Do You need training?

  • Do you know how to start and stop your fire pump in case of an emergency?
  • Do you perform your test correctly on a weekly basis? Your engine needs to run for at least 30 minutes per week.
  • Do you keep a detailed Log Book?
  • Do you log the runtime of the equipment?
  • Is there more than one person responsible for the pump house and equipment?

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    What our training can offer You?

    Full on-site training is provided and modules include:

    • Legal / Insurance compliance
    • Responsibility and liability
    • Major equipment identification and functionality
    • Weekly test procedures
    • Checklists
    • Safety and housekeeping
    • Identifying and fault reporting

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