Office fires, while being something that people rarely think bout, do occur; and when they do, the losses incurred to both businesses and people can be devastating. The damage from a fire can spread so fast, that even offices with deluge systems need to be aware of them.

Besides the risk of damages to equipment, infrastructure and sensitive items, fires also have the capacity to claim lives.

Because of this, it is a good idea to ensure that everyone in your place of work is clued up with regards to what to do when a fire breaks out in an office environment.

So to help you with that, here is the best course of action to take when a fire breaks out at your place of work.

Let Everyone Know

Remember that in the event of a fire, that more lives than your own are at stake. This means that the first thing to do when one breaks out, is to raise the fire alarm so that everyone in the building can get to safety.

While it might be tempting to combat the fire on your own, you will be putting yourself in danger by doing so. Furthermore, by fighting the fire and not letting others know that it has occurred, you are lessening the time needed for them and you to get to safety.

Remember that activating the fire alarm will also activate the deluge system in the building, if there is one in place, so be sure to sound the alarm first.

Check Doors When Evacuating

In the heat of the moment, while everyone is trying to evacuate, there are a few dangers that need to be avoided. Fires on the other side of doors can be particularly hazardous. So, before opening any doors during evacuation, be sure to check their temperature. If they are hot to the touch, a fire is likely raging on the other side, and so the door should be avoided.

Stay Low; Avoid Smoke

Smoke is one of the biggest hazards associated with fires, and can render a person unconscious in a matter of seconds. To avoid suffocation, ensure that you stay low, beneath the rising smoke, while evacuating the building.

Get Safe and Report It

Once you have evacuated the building, you should report in so that those handling the emergency know that you are safe. If you are one of the first to leave the building, be sure to take the opportunity to alert the fire department and whoever is in charge of office safety and security, so that the blaze can be dealt with accordingly.

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